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VIDEO: Finding Football's Next Gen: World-class Scouts Looking Beyond The Pitch

"Everyone needs to cross paths with a person who stops & says, I believe in you." – Mirhan Fazliu, Head of Recruitment at FCN Academy.

This is the spirit that drives Right to Dream’s global scouting team.

Our scouts understand the transformative impact of encouragement and support. They offer something beyond simple watching & observing football players because our approach isn't about identifying the next football prodigy – it’s about seeing the whole person. 

They’re skilled at recognizing not only talent but also the potential for growth and development. They see beyond the obvious, valuing the character, resilience, and dedication that make a truly exceptional player and human, while understanding the unique journeys and potential of every young talent they encounter.

As Gabe Farfan, Emerging Talent Scout San Diego FC, puts it: "It's a holistic view, you're looking at the

player as a whole. It's a human being first, which is special." 

Building on this approach, our scouts view the young talents as family. They foster a safe and nurturing environment for them to thrive. “I see these kids as my own & I’ll do anything to protect them” – Derek Boateng, Head of Scouts in Ghana.

And they understand that these talents can emerge from anywhere. This is why they travel the world, from Ghana to Egypt, and from Denmark to the US, building global networks, connecting with local communities, and leveraging their unique perspectives to find talents who may otherwise be overlooked.

Want to see this passion in action and discover how our incredible scouts are shaping the future of football?



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