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We're a community of dreamers dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of excellence through football. And we believe that every talent deserves a fair shot at pursuing their dreams, whatever they may be.

That's why we've created a holistic environment that blends in elite football training with world-class education and character development, allowing our student-athletes to develop not just as elite footballers, but as leaders and changemakers who will make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

Take a peek into our journey and find out what drives us forward in our mission to empower the next generation of talent.



Launch of

Right To Dream

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Where The Dream Began

This is where the magic started - in Ghana, when Tom Vernon, an ex-Manchester United scout in Africa, founded the Right to Dream Academy. It’s not your typical youth academy as it was built independently of a professional team. Tom and his girlfriend, now wife, Helen, welcomed a small number of talented boys into their home, providing them with a place to train and dream. And from that humble beginning, the Right to Dream Academy was born.



"If everything else fell away, this is what would remain. Whatever we achieve, this is the heart of it."

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None of us are born excellent. It's earned through disciplined effort and character building. It requires grit, passion, lifelong learning, and commitment. It may also require sacrifice, failure, and heartbreaking disappointment now and then. Each of these things is possible in any human being. So, with a dose of talent and the right amount of love and investment, we believe that excellence can come from anyone and anywhere. What kind of excellence a person develops is an individual journey, it may be found in the classroom, on the pitch, or beyond. But nothing about excellence says it is unavailable to people who came from humble beginnings. And so, we cast our net wide for talented kids and build the methods to help every Right to Dream person express their excellence.


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