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Right to Dream IA: Bridging the Gap from Academy to Pro


In the world of football, the journey from a promising academy player to a professional footballer is often seen as the “final hurdle” in their development.

This transition phase is loaded with challenges that can test even the most talented players.

The level of competition escalates rapidly as players move from youth academies to professional clubs. Training loads increase, demanding physical and mental resilience. The pressure of expectations, both internal and external, adds another layer of complexity, while limited exposure to different playing styles and environments can hinder development. Moreover, adjusting to new cultures and environments upon joining pro clubs can present significant personal challenges for young players.

At Right to Dream, we recognize the crucial importance of this phase and have crafted a unique approach to support young talents through this pivotal period in their careers.

An integral part of our Pro Football Pathway, the IA serves as the bridge between the academy and the professional world. We welcome talents from our academies in all our markets starting at the age of 16, with around 24 players currently honing their skills at the IA and over 50 players participating in the program since its inception. The path offers them a meticulously designed two-year elite training program and environment that simulates the life of a professional footballer.

journey from academy to pro

What Makes IA Unique?

International Exposure

At IA, we understand that true growth comes from experiences. That's why we provide our players with opportunities for international exposure through high-level training camps like the one currently held in La Manga, Spain. Whether it's facing youth powerhouses like Valencia or competing in prestigious tournaments like the Gothia Cup and Ajax Future Cup, our players gain invaluable experiences that shape them into resilient, adaptable athletes prepared for the rigors of professional football.

Holistic Development

Beyond honing technical skills on the pitch, IA places equal emphasis on off-field development. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with the life skills, mental strengths, and cultural understanding necessary to thrive in the demanding world of professional football. Our diverse talent pool, comprising players from over 10 countries, fosters an inclusive training environment that celebrates cultural diversity and enriches the learning experience.

Clear Pathway to Pro

IA is not just a training ground; it's a steppingstone to a professional career in football. We take pride in supporting our graduates as they embark on their journeys to the professional world. 30+ of our IA players went on to join clubs within our community like FC Nordsjælland, while others forged their own paths. It has empowered talents like Mohammed Kudus, Mikkel Damsgaard, Simon Adingra, and Conrad Harder launch their pro careers.



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