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Right to Dream crowned Gothia Cup champions

Right to Dream crowned Gothia Cup champions

An intense week. Six matches. A total of 19 goals. The result? Right to Dream Academy, International, were crowned Gothia Cup Champions for the 7th time.

Throughout the tournament, our team displayed unwavering determination and skill, conceding just one goal in the lead up to the final. And the final showdown was no different, as they secured a thrilling 2-1 victory over Swedish side AIK FF to lift the cup.

Our time in Gothenburg was fantastic. The joy of retaining the title for the fifth consecutive time was doubled by the recognition of our center back, Stephen, as the MVP of the tournament. But the true magic came from connecting with thousands of fans from all over the world, coming together to support our team and witness the brilliance of our unique brand of football excellence.

Beyond the goals and skills, they got to watch our champions showcase a commitment to our core values - from teamwork to sportsmanship to resilience. It was a testament to the spirit of Right to Dream where excellence extends far beyond the pitch.

Right to Dream crowned Gothia Cup champions

Head Coach, and Champions League Winner, Djimi Traore, expressed pride in the collective effort leading to the title, “I’m very proud of the group, because we’ve done it as a group, not as individuals. We’ve the support from all of the organization.”

“We know the people in Ghana are watching us, we know the people in Egypt are watching us, and from Denmark as well.”

The impact of this victory reverberates far beyond Gothenburg, resonating deeply within our global network of academies in Egypt, Denmark, Ghana, and soon in the US. It serves as a powerful inspiration for our student-athletes across all our markets, motivating them to chase their dreams and reminding us of the impact and unity the Right to Dream community fosters.

Congratulations to our incredible team, coaches, staff, supporters, and everyone involved!


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