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VIDEO: Mohammed Kudus: Nima's Son


A midfield maestro. A prolific dribbler. An all-round player. A former FC Nordsjælland and Ajax standout. And a shining star for Ghana national team.

Meet player number 6 to graduate from Right to Dream Academy and move to the Premier League; our very own Mohammed Kudus, who recently made the switch from Ajax to West Ham United.

The Kudus story has been years in the making. It traces its origins to his hometown Nima where he first embarked on his football journey, taking those initial steps that would eventually lead him to join Right to Dream Ghana in 2012.

During his time with Right to Dream International Academy, he got the opportunity to further develop his skills and potentially advance his football career by showcasing his talent against top teams and playing at some of the top youth tournaments in the world, including Gothia Cup.

He was part of the squad that lifted the 2017 Gothia Cup trophy, netting the winning goal in the final of the world's largest youth football tournament - an early display of promise fueled by the strong foundation laid during his time with us.

Didi Dramani, ex Head Coach at Right to Dream Academy, now assistant coach for Ghana National Team describes Kudus as “explosive”.


“He has so many things. He can just take the ball from a midfielder and drive, avoiding so many tackles. He had the capacity to shoot, to pass, dribbling strength, tempo… When he runs into space, he’s very explosive. His posture is that of a big guy with bigger muscles. Even as a young boy, he was bullying his peers when he had the ball,” Darmani said.

In 2018, Kudus graduated from the Right to Dream Academy, only to set foot in Denmark with FC Nordsjælland, another member of our community who shared our core values and offered a platform for young talents to shine. It wasn’t just a shift in location, it was a progression within our community, prepping him for the challenges ahead.

And in just two years, he etched his name on the world football map. He earned himself a spot at Dutch powerhouse Ajax. Not only did he leave his mark with Ajax in the UEFA Champions League, but he also excelled with Ghana’s national team in the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup. Today, he takes his talent and dedication to the Premier League as he dons the West Ham United jersey.

But Kudus' journey isn't just confined to pitches and stadiums. His story comes to life on the streets of his hometown Nima through a mural that inspires the next generation. It sends everyone who passes by a powerful message - discipline, commitment, and belief are your keys to unlocking your potential, no matter where you begin.

"In Nima, we had great players before Kudus, but lack of discipline and commitment held them back," a local fan shared. “When the kids are passing here, when they see Kudus’ painting, and look at where he is now, they get inspired," another fan added.

Kudus breaks those boundaries, setting a new standard of what's achievable when talent and determination meets the right support. The mural isn't just an artwork; it’s a testament to the impact of one individual on an entire community's outlook.

In Kudus, we see more than a great player; he’s the embodiment of dedication and excellence that defines Right to Dream. His journey, from the streets of Nima, through the fields of Right to Dream and FC Nordsjælland, to the iconic Premier League pitches, is a testament to the limitless potential every dream carries.


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