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Nike Partners Inspiring Next Generation of Female Talent

Nike Partners Right to Dream and Kmita Twins came together for an amazing collaboration that brought some fresh energy to our Ghana Academy and delivered an unforgettable experience to our female student-athletes.

Rosie and Mollie Kmita are fierce and dedicated footballers. They’ve played for some of the top clubs across England including Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham, and Brighton. But that’s not all - they’re also TV presenters, changemakers, and role models for many young girls around the world.

During their action-packed trip to our Ghana Academy, the Kmita Twins brought their unstoppable energy, top-tier skills, and amazing advice on a three-day visit that our girls will cherish forever.

“What you never want to do is be defined by something, because we’re humans and we stand for more than what we do in life. So yes, we all play football but that doesn’t mean that we are just football. You have other talents that you can explore, so always be open to experiencing other ideas,”

Rosie told the Right to Dream girls during an inspiring Q&A session, where the twins shared valuable insights about their football journey and the challenges they had to overcome.

And while they both retired from football, their impact extends beyond their time on the pitch – they’re passionate advocates for empowering more girls to get into the game. Through their partnership with Nike and their inspiring Powerhouse Project, they’re nurturing and supporting the next generation of high-quality female football coaches – A vision focused on creating a more inclusive football community and inspiring girls and women to follow their dreams.

“Growing up I never saw anyone that looked like me playing football growing up. It’s quite hard when you don’t have role models because you’re not sure who you want to be, so you have to try and figure it out all by yourself, so I hope now with everything we do in our life especially the Powerhouse Project, which is all about creating females in football, whether it’s coaches, players, we want to inspire the next generation,”
Mollie said.

Rosie and Mollie believe in the transformative power of football to empower young girls to reach their potential – and we couldn’t agree more! Our talented female student-athletes have been breaking barriers in football and education since 2013 when we launched the first ever residential academy for girls in Africa.

“We wouldn’t have experienced anything if it wasn’t down to football. We owe our lives to football and that’s why we’re so passionate about giving back and making sure we give young girls the opportunity to get into the game, because we understand what it has done for our lives,”
Rosie added.

And according to the two sisters, the importance of education couldn’t be overstated. They highlighted its impact on their journey and applauded our girls’ efforts in balancing their education with their passion for football.

“We went to university, we studied, we got our education because if tomorrow I got an injury and I can’t play football anymore, what am I going to do? And that’s how you need to think, and this is why Right to Dream is so important, because you have your education and your football,”
Mollie added.

“I think the main thing that football has done for us was teach us really good habits and discipline. So, if we can give you one word of advice, it’d be those habits that you’re implementing in your lives right now at Right to Dream, keep them because they’ll allow you to progress so much in life,”
Rosie added.

It was a blast to have such like-minded people and amazing footballers over at our academy, inspiring our girls to keep pursuing their dreams and driving us to continue creating more opportunities for girls and women!


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