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Ibrahim Osman to Join Fellow Academy Graduate Simon Adingra at Brighton & Hove Albion

Another graduate carving his own path!

Right to Dream Ghana Academy Graduate and FC Nordsjælland striker Ibrahim Osman, 19, has officially secured a move to Premier League side Brighton & Hove Albion FC, starting next season.

His new teammate at Brighton will be our very own Simon Adingra, who made the switch to the English side in 2022. But before Osman kicks off his journey in England, he's committed to continuing his fantastic performances with FC Nordsjælland for the remainder of this season.

Since joining FC Nordsjælland in January 2023 from our Ghana Academy, Osman has made 39 appearances with the club, including a valuable experience in the UEFA Conference League.

Reflecting on his time at FC Nordsjælland, Osman humbly acknowledges the influence of his fellow Right to Dream alumni, saying, "I've seen what the other Right to Dream players have achieved. And these were big shoes that needed to be filled. Kamaldeen, Kudus, Adingra, Nuamah, Diomande to name a few. They have all helped motivate me to go the extra mile to prove how good I am."

All these names have walked the same road as Osman, proving the transformative impact of a well-crafted pathway, backed by a supportive community, can have in the development of professional athletes.

They started their journeys at the academy in Ghana, where their raw talents met our well-rounded approach that combines football development with high-quality education and character development. They polished their skills with international exposure at our International Academy. Then, it was time for their professional debuts with FC Nordsjælland - a club that shares our passion for nurturing young talent and is a proud member of the Right to Dream community.

Since then, they’ve carved their own paths in the football world - Kamaldeen Sulemana at Southampton, Mohammed Kudus with West Ham United, Ernest Nuamah at Lyon, Mohamed Diomande at Ranger FC. And of course, Simon Adingra at Brighton.

Jan Laursen, FC Nordsjælland Sports Director, expressed his pride in Osman's transfer, emphasizing the collective effort behind such achievements, with players, coaches, and staff working together to unlock potential.

“We are incredibly proud of this move, partly because it is one of the biggest transfers ever in the Nordic region, but just as important because it is another player who has taken the step from the academy to the Superliga team and now soon on to the world's strongest league.

“This move has only been made possible through a huge effort by Osman himself as well as fantastic scouting and player development by our talented crew in Ghana and Denmark, just as there must be a huge praise for Osman's many talented teammates and coaches,” he said.

We're incredibly proud of Osman and all our talented players who are making their mark on the global stage. With each move, we're not just celebrating individual achievements; we're reaffirming our commitment to excellence in youth development.

Together, we're setting a new standard for what's possible in football.


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