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Beyond Classroom, Beyond Pitch: Seth Antwi Embracing His Own Path

“Witnessing my friends' successes sometimes made me feel inadequate, but I learned that everyone has their unique path and timeline.”

That's how Seth Antwi, a Right to Dream grad, sometimes felt during his journey as a student-athlete. And we’ve all been there.

But Seth's story isn't about feeling defeated. It's about the amazing moment that comes after – realizing everyone is running their own race.

His journey took him from Right to Dream in Ghana to college in the UK to earning a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Wellness at the University of Dayton in the US. Now, he’s juggling a Master of Arts in Communication and Business Leadership at High Point University with playing for St. Louis City 2 in the MLS Next PRO League.

Balancing studies and football? Seth absolutely crushes it, calling it the cornerstone of his success. But let's be real, this journey wasn't a walk in the park. There were moments Seth wanted to throw in the towel.

"But my trust in God and the signs of encouragement along the way kept me moving forward,” he said.

Seth's journey is all about dedication, the kind that pushes you to put in the extra effort even when nobody's watching. Time management and planning became his best friend helping him balance his contribution on and off the field.

As Seth continues his journey, he understands it’s not about reaching the finish line first.

It’s about constant growth, adapting to new challenges, and always striving to be your best self. "In the face of future challenges, I remain dedicated to personal growth, adapting to new environments, and striving for excellence," Seth added.

Seth’s story is not just about one individual's win. It’s the Right to Dream spirit in action, a testament to the power of education and football, inspiring countless young talents to dream big, work hard, and carve their own paths.



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