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Thank You, Gareth & Joe: Leaving a Legacy at Right to Dream

Right to Dream bids farewell to two instrumental figures in the Right to Dream story - Gareth Henderby and Joe Mulberry.

When Right to Dream was still taking shape in Tom Vernon's home, Gareth and Joe were there. Their commitment and belief have seen them through every step of our journey, from our humble beginnings to a global network of academies and professional clubs spanning four countries.

As our First Volunteer and Employee #1, Gareth has worn many hats within our community. From Coach to Technical Director, and even a stint as interim Managing Director. He also spent three years as FCN Academy Director. And for the past seven years, he has been based in Denmark, continuously visiting and engaging with the global Right to Dream academies.

But perhaps his most lasting legacy is his role as Managing Director of the International Academy.

Under his leadership, the International Academy has supported the transition of 30+ of our talented student-athletes to the professional world. Traveling extensively with the team – from Japan and Brazil to North Africa and across Europe – his dedication and vision have paved the way for many young talents to realize their dreams, with alumni like Mohammed Kudus, Mikkel Damsgaard, and Simon Adingra shining on the world stage.

Joe's journey with Right to Dream is equally remarkable. Joining as our Second Volunteer and Employee #3, Joe's impact has been felt across many facets of our community.

He was the mastermind behind our recruitment strategy, designing and nurturing a cutting-edge recruitment methodology and network that allowed us to partner with top talents across our markets. 

But his role extended beyond finding talent, he was instrumental in shaping the future of Right to Dream. His strategic acumen played a pivotal role in identifying FC Nordsjælland as the perfect European club for our expansion plans back in 2015.

In recent years, Joe's expertise shifted towards consulting on group strategy, creating a roadmap that contributed to securing new majority shareholders represented in Man Sports in 2021 and fueling the acquisition of MLS club San Diego FC in 2023.

For over two decades, Gareth and Joe have been cornerstones of our community. Their passion, dedication, and tireless efforts have touched the lives of generations of student-athletes, from our academies to the fields of the Champions League and halls of Ivy League universities.

As they embark on their next chapters, we wish Gareth and Joe the best on their future journeys. Though they may be leaving our daily operations, their legacies will last, and their impact will continue to inspire us.

Thank you, Gareth and Joe!

The Right to Dream story wouldn't have been the same without you!






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