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Coaching Queens Expands to Egypt: Empowering a New Generation of Female Coaches

Right to Dream, in partnership with The Powerhouse Project and Nike, is thrilled to announce the second edition of 'Coaching Queens' - a women's coach education programme aimed at empowering and inspiring female coaches across Africa.

A Proven Track Record

Launched in Ghana last year, the inaugural 'Coaching Queens' program saw six talented women elevate their coaching expertise through a comprehensive three-month curriculum of hands-on training and mentorship.

Building on this success, the program is now expanding its reach to Egypt. This year, it opens its doors to 12 aspiring female coaches – six from Ghana and six from Egypt.

Why Coaching Queens?

The need for such initiatives is clear. Female coaches often face significant barriers in a male-dominated field, including lack of access to training and mentorship opportunities

The numbers speak for themselves: at the 2023 Women's World Cup, only 12 of the 32 coaches were women, and only ONE of the 12 was African.

We believe that empowering women at every level of the sport is essential for its growth and development. It’s something deeply ingrained in our mission.

“We are committed to growing the women’s game at every level, from our academies in Africa, Europe and America, to our women’s teams in Egypt and Denmark, and to the next generation of football coaches.

There has never been more interest in the women’s game globally, and I want to thank our partners at Nike and the Powerhouse Project for working with us in developing the next generation of women coaches in Ghana and Egypt,” affirms Sir Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of Right to Dream.

More Than Just Coaching

Coaching Queens is more than a training program – it's a catalyst for change, fostering a new generation of female leaders who will shape the future of football. It goes beyond technical skills, fostering a supportive network of female leaders who can inspire and mentor the next generation.

“This initiative not only provides vital coaching education but also builds a strong network of female coaches who can inspire and mentor the next generation of female footballers,” emphasizes Mollie Kmita, Co-Founder of The Powerhouse Project.

What to Expect

The program is divided into two phases. The first phase takes place at the Right to Dream Academy in Egypt in November 2024. This is followed by the second phase at the Right to Dream Academy in Ghana in January 2025.

Internationally Recognized Qualification: A fully funded CAF D License coaching qualification.

World-Class Training: Access to expert coaches and mentors, learning the latest techniques and insights.

Networking Opportunities: Building a like-minded community of fellow female coaches who can offer guidance, encouragement, and lifelong connections.

Career Development: Developing leadership skills, confidence, and a deeper understanding of the game.

Apply Now!

Applications for the second edition of 'Coaching Queens' are currently open.

Learn more here & join us in building a brighter future for women in football!




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