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VIDEO | 'Carving a Unique Career Path' with Right to Dream Graduate Richard Glemawu

Richard Glemawu Instagram Journey

At Right to Dream, we understand that the paths to success are as diverse as our extraordinary graduates. Whether it's shining on football's biggest stages, excelling academically, or pursuing unique and unexpected journeys, we empower our students to embrace every opportunity that comes their way. And we strongly believe in their limitless potential!

Today, we celebrate the inspiring journey of Right to Dream Graduate Richard Glemawu - a shining example of what it means to carve your own path to success.

“Everyone's route to success is totally different. I'm not playing in the MLS, instead I'm creating social media videos to inspire others; it’s not pro football but I get the same inner feeling as someone signing a personal contract.”

Richard’s Journey:

After almost six years at the Right to Dream Academy, Ghana, Richard secured a scholarship to study in the US. But his journey was far from smooth. He faced daunting challenges including a devastating high school injury that nearly shattered his dreams and navigating through three colleges. But he never let those challenges define him.

And while his initial aspirations of becoming a professional footballer took a different turn, Richard’s unwavering spirit led him to a new and exciting path.

“In Right to Dream, we had this quote, just take one step at a time, even though there's a whole staircase, just one step at a time. So that’s what keeps me going."

Setbacks into Opportunities:

He transformed each challenge into an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Now, with over 100k Instagram followers, he has established himself as a content creator and football influencer. He uses his platform to share his passion for football, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams – A testament that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving amazing feats.

“Soccer is a huge platform. Even though you aren’t a professional player, there're still ways and means to enjoy the sport and also enjoy what it brings.”

We are proud to have been part of Richard's journey. His story motivates us at Right to Dream to continue empowering more dreamers to embrace their unique journeys and create extraordinary stories of their own.

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