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TUT FC Secures Back-to-Back Egyptian Women's Cup Titles!

Our incredible TUT FC women's team just clinched their second consecutive Egyptian Women's Cup, securing a thrilling 4-2 victory over Wadi Degla in the final.

This win comes on the heels of their maiden Egyptian Women's Premier League championship just two weeks ago, sealing a historic double for the club.

This young team is the perfect embodiment of the Right to Dream philosophy: invest in potential, create opportunities, and nurture talent. The result? Excellence thriving on and off the pitch.

But for us, these victories are about more than just adding trophies to the case. They have the potential to shine a spotlight on women's football in Egypt, creating a ripple effect, and attracting more resources & support needed for the sport's growth. We see the potential for:

Fueling the Future

Young girls now have even more incredible role models, showing them that their football dreams have no limits and inspiring more girls to hit the pitch and chase their goals. The surge in enthusiasm could be the foundation of a thriving future, expanding the talent pool and raising the overall level of the game.

Attracting Attention, Driving Growth

Big wins attract big attention, potentially drawing in more resources & investments to the sport, which could provide better facilities, training programs and opportunities, that can fuel the growth of women's football across Egypt. 

Building Opportunity

With TUT FC paving the way, we're hopeful this success will push for the development of even more professional pathways and platforms for girls and women in Egypt, creating a stronger pipeline of female talent.

TUT FC Coach Ahmed Ramadan says it best: “With more teams like TUT FC – ones that respect women's football, invest in professional contracts, quality facilities, proper nutrition, and a strong technical team – we elevate the entire landscape of women's football in Egypt. Investing in these foundations is an investment in the overall development of the sport in Egypt."


“More teams like TUT FC means a brighter future for Egyptian women's football,” he added.


Committed to the Journey

We're incredibly proud to be part of TUT FC's story. Their wins are shining a light on the potential of women's football and creating a brighter and more inclusive future for the sport in Egypt.

What's Next?

TUT FC's journey continues!  Next up, they'll be competing in the CAF Women's Champions League UNAF Qualifiers in August.


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