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Top Young African Talents Come Together at Right To Dream Ghana

A remarkable milestone for Right to Dream!

Today, 12 student-athletes from our Egypt Academy arrived in Ghana. And they’ll be staying at the Ghana Academy for three weeks!

While it’s been less than five months since we kicked off our operations in Egypt, we’re already seeing a lot of progress. And our Egyptian student-athletes are already going places, literally.

What makes the Egypt school visit even more exciting is that it’s the first meeting between our student-athletes from Ghana and Egypt. We’re talking about some of the top academic and football talents across Africa coming together to learn, grow, and pursue their dreams. And watching them thrive as our model grows and our network expands to impact more young talents is nothing short of fantastic.

And despite being a little bit nervous (they’re all first-time international travelers), our student-athletes are thrilled for the journey ahead.

“I’m very excited for the trip. I look forward to training and playing matches with our teammates in Ghana,”
one of the Right to Dream student-athletes said.

“This is my first time to travel abroad. I’m very happy and I want to learn from our friends in Ghana and understand more about their culture and language,”
another student added.

They’re curious to learn more and are eager to grow. And they definitely will.

A lot is scheduled for them over the next 21 days: from joint trainings to friendly matches to visiting cultural sites and learning local languages - A fantastic exposure and development opportunity.

It’s also an opportunity to learn valuable skills like adaptability, self-discipline, and responsibility. And such experiences prepare our student-athletes for what lies ahead, be it a professional football career through our club in Denmark, FCN, or an academic pathway through our educational network in the US and UK.

We’re sure it’ll be an experience they won’t soon forget, and we know it’ll be another step forward towards Egypt’s full academy launch later this year, which will open up more opportunities for more talents to pursue their dreams.

Head over to our Instagram account to get a closer look to their time in Ghana and learn more about what it means to be part of the global Right to Dream family.


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