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Right to Dream & Common Goal Create New Impact Partnership

Pioneering a new era of social contribution and purpose-driven business in football, Common Goal and Right to Dream are teaming up to disrupt the football industry’s status quo and drive the game as a force for good.

The partnership aims to help both organisations elevate football’s place in the world by altering the narrative whilst developing and testing methods and practices that enable the football industry to maximise its contribution to social change.

“I’ve long admired Right to Dream’s model – utilising character development to deliver social responsibility. Their approach of developing young players with a unique style of play is fascinating,”
said Juan Mata,
Co-founder of Common Goal and Manchester United midfield maestro.

Common Goal is a pledge-based philanthropic movement that exists to unite the football community in tackling the biggest challenges of our times.

The movement aims to inspire and mobilise every stakeholder of the football economy to play a meaningful role in serving the well-being of our people and planet. To do so, Common Goal provides a simple and impactful mechanism for professional football players, managers, officials, clubs, and other stakeholders, to pledge a minimum of 1% of their earnings to high-impact initiatives that use the game to drive progress toward the Global Goals.

The movement’s long-term vision is to unlock 1% of the entire football industry’s revenues — estimated at €50 billion per year — to establish an intrinsic link between football as a business and football as a tool for social change.

“Common Goal are great partners to embark on a new, faster period of growth. As more members of the global football community join, we will see more collaboration, open innovation, and increased well-being throughout the sport. This partnership can act as an open invitation for other like-minded individuals and brands to connect in, join the collective and play a part in the positive transformation of not only football but global communities too”
commented Pippa Grange,
Chief Culture Officer at Right to Dream.


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