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Aspirations Grow As Right To Dream Egypt Academy Construction Progresses

Right to Dream Founder and CEO Tom Vernon and Right to Dream Egypt Managing Director Mohamed Wasfy have visited the construction site of our new residential academy located in Badya, West Cairo last week.

The academy in Egypt marks an important milestone in the Right to Dream journey as it brings greater access and creates more opportunities for the emerging talent to fulfill their potential in football, education, and life.

Just like our academy in Ghana, our Egypt academy will include residential and educational buildings and football facilities, offering a platform to recognize talent and nurture the best possible environment for excellence to flourish.

“I can't wait to see our full team in motion at Badya. The facility will bring the best out of staff and players. It will be the home for every member in Right to Dream and FCN across all 3 continents,”

Wasfy said.

“The support and trust that Mr. Mansour and Loutfy have given us has been immense in driving this forward for the whole group,”

he added, highlighting the role of Right to Dream’s partners, The Mansour Group, in accelerating Right to Dream’s expansion plans.

And while the academy construction may still be on going, our journey in Egypt has already started. Over the past year, our regional organizers and scouting team in Egypt held trial events across Egypt’s all 28 governorates, with the aim of giving a fair opportunity to talents across the country.

These trips saw our teams scout over 100,000 kids, and after careful consideration and a thorough selection process that included football assessments and academic testing, we partnered with 28 student-athletes aged between 10 and 16, who’ll represent Right to Dream’s first-ever class in Egypt.

Meanwhile, we are in the final stages of scouting more students for our first class in Egypt, and we’re also few steps away from selecting the first group of our second class.


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