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Kudus, Pele Teams Showcase Robotics, Coding Skills

At Right to Dream, we love football. It’s at the heart of what we do. But our student-athletes are so much more than aspiring footballers.

They are talented. They’re diverse. And they’re capable.

Some are tech-savvy. Some are artistic. And we’re not in the business of fitting everyone in the same mold - It’s not how we work.

And that’s why we enjoy watching them explore different enrichment activities. It could be picking up new photography tips and experimenting with the different lenses or mastering robotics and nurturing their interest in STEM - We celebrate their individualism, enthusiasm, and creativity.

And this past week has brought us one of those outstanding moments of pride. We watched our robotics team excel at the National Robofest Qualifiers, showing that robotics has become part of their playbook – Right to Dream students won around 21 robotics trophies since 2016.

They competed against 11 teams from Ghana and finished in second place. And they’ll take this feat all the way to the 2023 World’s Robotics Championships held in May in the US - proving they’re not just exceptional on the pitch, but outside it too.

And because football is always at the heart of what we do, our young students paid tribute to their idols Pele, late football legend, and Mohammed Kudus, Right to Dream Graduate, by naming their teams "Pele AI" and "Kudus AI".

Kudos to Kudus and Pele teams.

We can’t wait to see you shine even brighter at the World Championships!


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