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Inside the Dream | 2023/24 Season: The 'Win Deep' Philosophy in Action

Group Head of Football

Welcome to "Inside the Dream: Insights from the RTD Playbook," a column by Mads Davidsen, Group Head of Football at Right to Dream. In this series, Mads will be sharing ongoing insights into our unique philosophy, operations, and vision for the future of football.

2023/24 Season: The 'Win Deep' Philosophy in Action


In the world of football, the industry often zeroes in on outcomes, dissecting the season through the lens of wins and losses only, with the final score overshadowing the deeper story.


At Right to Dream, we adopt a different approach. We believe the narrative is richer, encompassing growth, learning, development, and the long-term impact we have on the sport.


We aim to 'win deep' and inspire change in the traditionally conservative world of football, with our core approach centering on the belief that excellence can be found everywhere, and that the right environment and opportunities are crucial in shaping individuals.


Our Philosophy Explained


Our philosophy: "We Play to Win, But We Are Not Focused on Winning" might sound paradoxical. It’s a philosophy that challenges the conventional understanding of success in football, leading some to misinterpret it as a lack of seriousness or ambition.


At the European Club Association conference in Farum in February, when we shared our operations with 100 European club leaders, we received positive feedback. However, some described us as 'romantic' or suggested it's easier to operate without the pressure of short-term results, assuming our teams underperform results-wise.


We view these perspectives as an opportunity to sharpen our approach and start a deeper conversation on why our approach is not just idealistic, but a strategic path to success.


We firmly belief that by prioritizing development, learning, and training in a safe, collaborative environment, winning becomes a byproduct of strategic alignment and clarity.


2023/2024 Season Review

The 2023/24 season was a testament to our "win deep" approach. It was a season where we witnessed not just victories on the pitch, but the reflection of our commitment to nurturing talent and creating pathways for our young student-athletes.


Building the Foundation


Our academies are our foundation, and this season, our boys' International Academy (IA) saw its talented 2006 generation progress to the first teams of FC Nordsjaelland (m) and soon, San Diego FC (m).


This is a testament to the collective efforts of management, scouts, coaches, teachers, admin, pastoral, and medical staff, all of whom have played a vital role in shaping these journeys over the years.


Looking ahead, the IA program is set to welcome the first two boys from Right to Dream Egypt next season, highlighting the significant progress made at our Egypt Academy.


From Academy to Pro: Nurturing Individual Pathways


But for us, it’s not just about reaching the pro level – it’s about reaching your full potential.


This season, we celebrated significant milestones for our professional players, including the sales of Princess Marfo to Bay FC in the USA, record-breaking sales from Scandinavia with Ernest Nuamah and then Ibrahim Osman moving to Brighton, and Mohamed Diomande’s well-deserved move to Glasgow Rangers. We are equally proud of Lasso Coulibaly's move to France.


These moves are not just transactions, but carefully tailored pathways designed for each player, validating our belief that everyone, given the right opportunity, can reach their full potential.


Nurturing Champions: The RTD Way


Our commitment to development extends to our women’s teams as well. The FCN women's first team, with 50% homegrown players and a record for minutes given to U19 players, achieved a historic double, winning the Danish Championship and the Danish Cup.


Similarly, our women’s team at FC Tut in Egypt also won 'The Double' with a young and talented squad, all while developing the future of Egyptian women’s football at our girls’ academy.


Next season, both our women's teams will enter the Champions League qualifiers in Europe and Africa, promising much more to come.


These results epitomize winning in the Right to Dream way, proving our development-focused philosophy in action.


Beyond the Scoreboard


FCN (m) had a positive season, competing in three tournaments for the first time in years. Highlights include reaching the Danish Cup semifinal, earning 10 points in the Europe Conference League group stage, and finishing 4th in the Danish Superliga, narrowly missing out on a medal. A standout moment was FCN's 6-1 victory over Fenerbahce, the Turkish giant’s biggest defeat since 1992.


FC Tut (m) continued their climb in the Egyptian senior football pyramid with their second consecutive promotion.


These results are proof that our unique model, rooted in development, learning and growth, fosters a mentality that transcends the final score, and we are confident that it will lead to further success, creating more pathways for our student-athletes.

San Diego: A New Pathway


Looking ahead, our newest pathway in San Diego is progressing rapidly. With our first men's team assembling in January 2025 and our academy launching in August 2025, we’re excited to extend our reach and provide opportunities for young people in the US and Mexico.


We are confident that our proven model, successful at FCN, FC Tut, and our academies, can translate to more success in the MLS. The unique location, the football landscape in the USA, local opportunities with our partner The Sycuan Tribe, and the RTD setup and history give us great optimism for 2025.


Everyone has The Right to Dream.

Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis and stories from our journey.






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