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Denmark Academy Graduate Kathrine Kuhl Joins Arsenal

Kathrine Kuhl has been a shining star at our Denmark Academy and FC Nordsjælland for the past five years. And today, she embarks on a new - and a very exciting - adventure as she joins Women’s Super League side Arsenal.

And while she's only 19, Kathrine has already had a stunning journey and we’ve had front row seats to it; from joining our Denmark Academy back in 2018 to winning the 2020 Danish Cup and becoming a key player in the Danish national team. It was truly an amazing ride!

Watching her grow and rise on (and off!) the pitch over these past years has left us in awe. She’s been an incredible asset to the Right to Dream family. A reliable team player. And a creative midfielder. And we couldn’t be prouder knowing that this brilliant young woman has enjoyed her time here as much as we did.

“I feel really lucky to have been part of FCN. I was quite young when I joined the club, so I’ve been lucky to be part of the environment for a number of years and have been able to feel they really believe in youth,”
said Kathrine, who has been part of our academy’s unique youth development model that combines player and human development.

“The club has also been good at thinking about the whole person…Ever since I entered the academy, there’s been a lot of focus on character – and development not only as a football player but also as a person – and this has shaped my time and development. I really want to take this further, including the idea of giving back to the community,”
Kathrine said.

It really makes our hearts full to see our graduates drawing inspiration from their time at the academy and use the knowledge they acquired to inspire others and make a difference beyond Right to Dream and FCN.

“FCN has been like a family to me, where everyone helps and supports each other. I’ll continue this approach. You have to want the best for each other in order to perform well yourself,”
she added.

You’ll always be part of the FCN and RTD family, Katherine. And you’ll always be welcome home.

And while we’ll miss having you as part of our team, we’re happy to cheer from afar on this exciting new chapter in your career.

Goodluck, Kathrine!


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