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An Eventful Term Comes to End at RTD Egypt!

This week not only did we celebrate a new year, but we also got to celebrate the end of the first term at our newly launched Egypt Academy.

It was a very busy term but very rewarding too. And it's only fitting to wrap it up with a Parents' Day, as our 32 student-athletes got to celebrate an incredible journey with their proud parents.

We got to an early start as the parents toured the academy and met with our talented squad of coaches, teachers and staff. Happiness, pride and enthusiasm were in the air as they learned about some of their kids' top moments this term; from academics to football to trips & guest speakers.

An informative workshop facilitated by an expert who specializes in the field of mental toughness and performances coaching for professional athletes followed. And we could see how focused the parents were as she shared with them some tips on how to support their kids and nurture their development.

It was then time for some fun. The parents watched their kids take part in the school play - their eyes were filled with pride, happiness, and some tears of joy too. And they were ecstatic to see how far their kids have come in the past few months.

“I’m very happy with the progress he had so far. His teachers and coaches also told us that he improved a lot,”
a parent said.

“He’s more focused than ever and he’s much more organized. We’ll try to implement the academy’s system at home during the break,”
another added.

And it made our hearts full to know that the students have felt the progress too.

“It was an exciting semester. I got to play in different positions, and I can say that all of us are now playing better,”
one of the students said.

“We learned a lot of new things this term whether in the class or on the pitch. The English classes have been my favorite,”
another student said.

It was day of pride and joy, and we can't wait to welcome them back in early February!

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