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Academy Graduate Emiliano Marcondes Rejoins FCN on Loan from Bournemouth

Our Denmark Academy Graduate Emiliano Marcondes has rejoined his boyhood club FC Nordsjælland on loan for the rest of the 2022-23 season from Premier League side AFC Bournemouth.

It’s an emotional reunion for all of us, and we can’t wait to watch him up close again at our very own Right to Dream Park.

Emiliano is far from being a stranger to the Right to Dream and FCN family. He graduated from our Denmark Academy and made his debut with the FCN first team in 2012, aged 17. His commitment and talent saw him make more than 100 official games with the Danish Superliga side. Not only that, but he’s also earned a well-deserved spot in FCN’s history as the club's all-time top scorer - A record he now has the chance to extend.

His return is set to be even more exciting as FCN currently top the Danish Superliga standings with 35 points after 17 matchweeks.

But for Emiliano, FCN isn’t just another club, and our connection extends beyond football. He believes in our values and vision at Right to Dream and FCN. And while he left our Superliga side in 2018, our relationship has remained strong.

“I think there’re very few players who during their careers get the opportunity to experience a connection to a club or a place, like the one I have with FCN and Right to Dream,”
Emiliano said.

“It runs very deep and there’s never been any doubt for me that I would again be part of something that matters for human development. Something more than just football,” he added.

Just a few weeks ago, the 27-year-old spent four days at our newly established Egypt Academy. And he has earlier also visited our Ghana and Denmark Academy.

His target during these visits? Sharing his experience with the next generation of talent at our academies and helping them find their passion on and off the field, while teaching them his special freekick technique.

For this, and many other reasons, FCN Sporting Director Jan Laursen, sees Emiliano as “one of our best ambassadors”.

“It’s clear to us that Emiliano is really passionate about our club, our culture, and values. He has taken FCN with him wherever he has been, and it’s been touching to see his commitment to our academies even after he left us,”
Laursen said.

“We know we’re getting an ambitious, professional and extremely talented player added to the squad who can also contribute to the performance, environment, and culture,”
he added.

We’ve already enjoyed some brilliant moments together and we can’t wait to create more memories.

Welcome home, Emiliano!


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