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A Super Week For The Right To Dream Egypt Academy!

The activities of the Right to Dream Academies continue at full speed. And this week, Egypt have been at the heart of action. The spirit and enthusiasm have gone sky-high as the first Right to Dream Egypt class *drum roll* kicked-off the 2022-23 academic year.

This marks a new chapter in the Right to Dream story, as the Egypt Academy joins the Right to Dream family in providing platforms that recognize talent and nurture the best possible environment for excellence to flourish.

The first day had a bit of everything from Right to Dream; football, education, and character were all part of the mix.

It kicked off with football practice at 6:15 am. And despite the early hour, the kids were bright-eyed and full of energy. They took the field for 90 minutes and showed their coaches – and themselves - they’re prepared to put forth solid effort to take the first steps toward their dreams.

After showering, it was time to don their new uniforms and start their classes. The enthusiasm and eagerness of many students as they trooped to classes were contagious. They looked ready for a joyous yet challenging experience, where they’ll get to learn, work towards their dreams, and build a positive community.

It was a packed schedule on Day 1 that ranged from core classes like math and science, to subjects that deemed more fun like art and drama. An important group character session, part of the character building and development program (keep reading to find out more about it), wrapped up an exciting first day.

Students weren’t the only ones enthusiastic about the possibilities of the year ahead. Right to Dream Egypt Head of Academy, Farrah Ragai, has also been excited about the start of this

“inspirational journey”.

“On our first day at Right to Dream Academy, as I walk through the classrooms, I see young eyes hungry to learn, I hear excited giggles as they receive their books and stationery but mostly my heart is full as I watch these happy souls that are aware of their dreams and on their journey to make those dreams come to life! A true blessing that we will be walking alongside them on their inspirational journey!”
Ragai said.

Overall, it was a super start to the new academic year in Egypt, and we look forward to maintaining the first-day excitement.

Right now, the Egypt Academy has 28 student-athletes. But this is just the beginning. More talents will be joining the academy in the next few months.

They’ll all be training consistently under the instructions of a professional coaching team that focuses on the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological side of the game. The elite football training and the quality education go hand-in-hand with a character development program that prepares our students to become resilient future leaders and helps them kick off their journeys toward their respective dreams and pathways.

Want to follow the students’ stories throughout the year? We socialize, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin and watch them every step of the way.


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