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2022/2023 Season: Embracing the Journey Beyond the Scoreboard

As the 2022/23 season draws to a close, Right to Dream community members FC Nordsjælland and FC TUT stand proud, not only for the titles and achievements they've earned but for the extraordinary journey that has defined their season.

This season has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate. From FCN women clinching the Danish Women's Cup to FC TUT being crowned Egypt Women’s Cup champions, and from FCN men's earning an impressive second-place finish in the Danish Superliga to FC TUT men's getting promoted to Egypt's third division. Outstanding achievements that made our community proud.

But our celebrations extend far beyond the titles and the obvious achievements. There’s so much more to the journeys of our teams than numbers and statistics.

From embracing challenges head-on, to navigating unexpected twists and turns, to consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. These moments are what truly define our teams’ journey and reflect their true character and values. And their exceptional teamwork, passion, and perseverance every step of the way is what paved the way for all these victories.

So, as we celebrate the season of FC Nordsjælland and FC TUT, we’re reminded that true excellence goes far beyond winning titles. It’s woven into the fabric of the journey itself and the lasting impact it creates both on and off the field. This is what truly sets our season apart, and it’s through this lens that we evaluate and appreciate our successes.

And we can’t wait to embark on similar journeys and embrace more possibilities with San Diego's MLS club, the latest addition to our growing network of professional clubs.

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