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Right to Dream Academy, Ghana




In 2013, at the age of 12, Louisa became one of the first girls to join Right to Dream Ghana Academy, making history as the program’s first female captain. After graduating in 2016, she headed to the US on a student-athlete scholarship at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut.


Louisa’s talents shone brightly, not only on the field but in every aspect of her life.


She was named three times to the high school All-American team, and in 2018, was one of only three sophomores in the entire country to receive the honor. She also became the first Right to Dream girl to play international football, proudly representing Ghana with the Ghanaian Youth National Team.


Beyond her impact on the pitch, Louisa’s commitment to excellence extended into academic and personal growth. Her achievements and well-rounded character were recognized with the Hotchkiss School Upson Prize for distinction in scholarship, athletics, and citizenship.


In 2021, Louisa made history once more by becoming the University of Tennessee’s first-ever student-athlete from Ghana. Her academic and football journey continued at Milwaukee University, where she was studying civil engineering as part of the class of 2025.


Louisa remained a part of the Right to Dream community, contributing as an intern to the construction of Right to Dream Egypt Academy in Badya in the summer of 2022 and Right to Dream San Diego Academy in the summer of 2023. She also dedicated some of her time to the next generation of talent in Egypt, generously teaching incoming young student-athletes English and discussing with them what it means to be a purpose-driven individual.


Sadly, Louisa passed away due to a medical condition while she was at college. While her journey was cut short, her resilience and unwavering spirit will always be etched in our memories. As she wisely shared in her graduation speech: "Life is not a race. It’s not about who gets there first. It’s about who, along the way, touched someone else’s life."


Louisa Essuman touched the lives of many and will undoubtedly continue to inspire young talents. We're forever grateful for the mark Louisa left on us.

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