“Right to Dream was built on the timeless, universal concept of love.”
Right to Dream Founder, Tom Vernon

A remarkable journey from a dust pitch to an elite sporting and educational academy embodies Right to Dream’s core belief that no matter the obstacles facing us, we can all strive to believe in a better future for ourselves and others.

In 1999, football coach Tom Vernon formed a youth team of aspiring footballers from two communities in Accra.

50 Early Days: the first cohort of Right to Dream players receive a team talk from founder, Tom Vernonboys tried out for the first generation of Right to Dream playing on a dust pitch called ‘Last Chance’. Before long, Tom had taken many of the boys into his home and the youth team began to morph into something more - a place where these young men could pursue their dreams and create a better future through football and education.


With little resource but plenty of the determination and belief that Right to Dream is founded on, six of that first generation became professional footballers with three going on to represent their country and five earning student-athlete scholarships at Division 1 colleges in the United States. From humble beginnings, Right to Dream has grown into a purpose built residential academy for over 90 students with a Cambridge accredited school, top-class training facilities and the first girls’ programme of its kind in Africa.

Right to Dream is now recognised as one of youth football’s elite development academies with over 30 graduates playing in professional leagues and over 50 winning student-athlete scholarships worth over $20 million.

Right to Dream Academy has 8 grass pitches, a school and a gym

In January 2016, Danish Superliga club, FC Nordsjælland (FCN) joined the Right to Dream Group. With a vision to develop the club’s academy in line with the Right to Dream values, a unique model has been created where players from across continents play and develop together from a young age.


FC Nordsjælland and Right to Dream academy players play together from an early age


From its inception, Right to Dream has consistently proven that the strength of one’s character can take people to extraordinary places and achieve things that would not have been thought possible.

It is this attitude that runs through everything we do and proves that everyone has the Right to Dream.