"We identify strong characters with exceptional academic and footballing ability in one of the harshest scouting environments in the world."
Jeremy Seethal, Recruitment department

Our diligent recruitment team find the best talent by following a rigorous and scientific process that assesses between 25,000 and 30,000 boys and girls each year. 

Casting a wide net by scouting numerous recruitment events and tournaments, our team ensures that as many aspiring footballers as possible get the opportunity to showcase their skills for a chance to join the academy.

The search starts with Google...

We start our talent search by using Google Maps to identify communities and football pitches we anticipate will return a high yield of talent.

A strong network

A community coach sends instructions to his players

Over 16 years, we have built a regional network of over 1300 grassroots clubs in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.


Detailed Assessment

Right to Dream scouts assess players at a trial

We follow a rigorous process in assessing players, often tracking their progress for several months before inviting them for trial.


Academic Testing

Academic testing at a recruitment trial

Our classroom testing not only gives an insight into a player’s cognitive skills and decision making, but also enables us to identify young boys and girls with exceptional academic ability.