Coming to the US to study changed my life. There are so many opportunities and the support from Right to Dream USA is amazing. It has opened up a whole different world for me. 
Ousseni Bouda, Millbrook School

Right to Dream's transformative power is no more clearly felt than in the United States. In 2004, Right to Dream sent their first students to the US on scholarships to Dunn School in California. What started out as a trial proved to be extremely beneficial for both the school and the students. The model has now grown so that Right to Dream consistently wins 3-5 student-athlete scholarships per year, allowing our top academic girls and boys to attend some of the best schools in the US.

A Right to Dream student that is performing well in school, and showing a strong character, will be offered the opportunity to apply for a scholarship when they are fourteen years old. If successful, they will undertake a preparation phase at the academy, and then graduate to private boarding schools, focussed around the north east of America. All of our students win full scholarships that will see them through 3-4 years at high school. These scholarships are typically valued at $40,000-$65,000 per year. From high school, our graduates have a 100% success rate in winning continued full scholarships to University. To date, over 48 talented children have gone from the Right to Dream Academy to our US student-athlete pathway and on to some of the top universities in the world.

At these schools the Right to Dream graduates will be immersed in the US educational system and take on leading roles within their school communities, as well as excelling on the sports field. Our students approach this opportunity with a collective ethos of ambassadors – if they work hard and fulfil their potential, then it will mean that the school values the impact of Right to Dream and they will create more opportunities for those behind them.

After university, we are seeing our graduates go on to further success in new careers or professional football, with five graduates playing in the USA's MLS (Major League Soccer) franchise, and others working for blue chip companies like PVH Corp.

Joshua Yaro
Joshua Yaro is an example of one of our US Pathway Ambassadors. Josh attended Cate School before graduating from Georgetown with a 3.6 GPA in International Relations. In 2016, he was the No.2 draft pick in the MLS.

Right to Dream USA - The Charity

Right to Dream USA was set up to ensure the welfare of Right to Dream graduates studying in the United States. As a 501c3 charitable organisation, it runs fundraising activities to support the wider foundation as a whole, with a particular focus on the Girls’ Programme. 

Right to Dream USA is a community of committed host families, volunteers, trustees and alumni that ensure the success and safety of all our graduates in the United States. The work they do is truly amazing.