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SAN DIEGO FC: A New Pathway For Dreams

San Diego FC Brand reveal

In a spectacular night of celebration, San Diego FC, part of the Right to Dream community, unveiled its team name, crest, and brand identity.

The Brand: A Reflection of San Diego’s Soul

Revealed in front of thousands of fans at Snapdragon Stadium, the crest and visual identity captured the vibrant essence of San Diego, paying homage to the 18 diverse cities that together create the heart and soul of this iconic community and celebrating its talent and diversity.

To learn more about the concept and ideas that inspired the branding, visit San Diego FC.

Beyond a Team: A Pathway to Excellence

And while we eagerly await San Diego FC’s MLS debut in 2025, it’s more than just a team. It’s a platform dedicated to becoming the epicenter of football excellence and innovation in North America, providing young talents with an exciting pathway to pursue their dreams.

The brand reveal is only the beginning of a new chapter in our story - one that sees us bring the unique Right to Dream model, known for football excellence and holistic development, to the US through an academy located on Sycuan tribal land in El Cajon, California – also home to the training facility of San Diego FC. This facility, set to break ground in November, will provide top-tier education and world-class football training to student-athletes aged 11-18.

Connecting Continents, Opening Doors

With our established network of professional clubs and academies already thriving in Ghana, Denmark, and Egypt, which includes Danish side FC Nordsjaelland and Egyptian side FC TUT, the addition of San Diego FC marks an exciting milestone in the Right to Dream story as our global community continues to grow, extending these unique opportunities to many more talents across the globe.


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