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RTD Students “Proud & Inspired” by Kudus World Cup Performance

There were cheers. There were chants. There were celebrations.

It was an incredible, loud atmosphere at the Right to Dream Academy yesterday as our students watched RTD graduate Mohammed Kudus leave an undeniable mark on football’s biggest stage.

With two goals and a match-winning performance, Kudus guided Ghana to a valuable 3-2 win over South Korea (and earned himself the Man of the Match Award!). He was an inspiration, not only for his home country but for everyone at RTD who has been watching him since he joined the academy at the age of 12.

After his first-half header and second-half left-footed strike, the academy erupted in cheers and dance moves (Check out our Instagram account for all the action!). And we could see the pride in students’ eyes and hear their hopeful voices as they watched him and Kamaldeen Sulemana truly shine and prove to be huge assets to their country.

“We're so happy to see our seniors shining at the World Cup. They inspire us to work harder and to continue chasing our dreams,”
a student at our Ghana academy said.

"We’re proud to be watching them excelling at the World Cup and we're learning from what they’re doing,”
another student added.

There was no shortage of ‘wow’ moments in the post-match comments, too. When asked who’d he choose if he’d give his Man of the Match Award to one of his teammates, Kudus said: “I think I’d give it to everyone. I think all 11 players on the pitch, and the guys on the bench, everyone played a part. It’s a collective trophy. Everyone played their part for us to win the game.”

A true team player. And a real role model – Our students are definitely taking notes.

We recognize big moments, and yesterday’s moment was one of pure pride for the whole RTD family. It inspires us to keep going.

We’re massively happy for Kudus shining in the World Cup and we look forward to seeing him, and the rest of our graduates, as they continue to chase their dreams and inspire the next generation of talent.


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