Louisa’s story is one of many showing the extraordinary impact that philanthropic patrons can have as supporters and mentors to talented children and their communities. Louisa won a full scholarship to Hotchkiss School in the US and she will undoubtably be one of Africa’s future leaders.

Paul Wallevik is a patron of Right to Dream. He has transformed my life. Because of Paul and his family I have received a great education, gone to school in the US, played 10 years as a professional player in Europe, and I am now working as an Executive in an organisation that I love.

King Osei Gyan - former Right to Dream Student and Black Stars player. Grew up in Nima, Accra

Patrons and benefactors have made everything that Right to Dream has achieved possible. We need patrons to catalyse the future.

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Why Right to Dream?
The best youth development model in Africa and beyond

Africa and the developing world needs leaders to create real impact. A leader can come from anywhere and inspire a generation.

Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.

John Maxwell

Many models in development and corporate responsibility are looking for multiple touch points to act as statistics to showcase their work. In most cases, giving a little to many will not result in change. We believe that the developing world will only change for the better by producing leaders - those individuals that come from the people, that have learnt how to fight and compete for their future, and have received world class opportunities to build their knowledge and experience. This is not a quick fix, not a basic schooling, or short-term aid. It is a lifetime of quality support, a full schooling at world-leading institutions, an elite and competitive environment.

A legacy in Education and Equality

Right to Dream has provided opportunities for educational scholarships to hundreds of its students in Ghana, the US and UK, with a value of over $40,000,000.

These opportunities are given to talented children that come from some of the lowest socio-economic communities in the world. Their talent is exceptional but there is no vehicle or structure elsewhere for them to fulfil their potential. Our girls’ programme is the first of its kind in Ghana and Africa.

Right to Dream uses a Smart development model that identifies exceptional talent, nurtures it through Character Development, a top education, and elite sport. As a result, its girls and boys are competing on the world stage and win their own opportunities in further education and professional careers. The level of quality early years investment is large, but it opens up far greater opportunities (a student at Right to Dream can have been at the Academy for 5 years and then go on to win US High School and University scholarships worth over $500,000).

Whether finishing education and starting professional careers, in professional sport, or in vocational opportunities, our graduates feed back into their communities, with a focus on giving back, and have the experience to lead with credibility and morale integrity. The lifetime earnings potential of a child that goes to Right to Dream, versus one that did not receive this opportunity, is 23 times higher, and the social return on investment far greater.

Within our model we seek to build partnerships and revenue streams within sport, education, philanthropy and commercial sponsorship to build sustainable income for future security.

The Right to Dream network of student graduates is seeing top performing men and women, be it super stars in football or top college alumni, with shared values and a desire to give back.

How to get involved?

Wish to become a patron? Individuals or groups interested in supporting our existing model and its growth across the world should contact Tom or Robin.

Right to Dream hosts an annual fundraising event in New York City in June but is also looking to expand its fundraising activities globally. We have charities in Ghana, the UK and the UK.

Those interested in helping to build a long term legacy fund for education and youth development in Africa may like to become patrons of our Endowment fund.

Alternatively it is possible to support some projects on this site (add link) or contus us to discuss ideas about other projects to how this model and create sustainable revenue streams.

Patrons or interested parties can be kept up to date through our stories and can join an ever growing Right to Dream network.

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Educational Alumni Partnerships

Right to Dream has students attending many of the top schools and colleges in the US. These students are role models in their communities as exemplary student-athletes, frequently featuring on the honour role while competing at the highest level in sport.

You may have seen the blockbuster movie with Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side - a story of Micheal Ohre’s rise from poverty and hardship to College Football and the NFL. The story is incredibly moving and inspiring, capturing the best of US student-athlete opportunities for talented kids. Right to Dream has 70 Blind Side stories, and most from far more humbling backgrounds.

Right to Dream is looking to dramatically increase its US communication channel and strengthen connections with colleges and institutions, to share our inspirational stories, and build a powerful and mutually aligned support network.


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