"Keep the mindset that you can improve each day. Wherever you are right now or wherever you’re headed, things are going to work out. You just have to put in the work."

Ousseni Bouda, graduated from Right to Dream in August 2015, having secured a student-athlete scholarship to Millbrook School in New York State.

Hailing from French-speaking Burkina Faso, Ousseni joined the academy in 2012 after impressing at trials in his home country. Upon arrival at the academy, Ousseni had no English and was one of only a handful non-Ghanaian students. As testament to his strength of character, it was not long before he was one of the best performing students in the school.

In his graduating speech, Ousseni stated: “We all stand here and say thank you – as many Right to Dream graduates have done so before us – but, in truth, the best way we can express our thanks is to go out there and live up to the values of Right to Dream – to do ourselves, our families and the academy proud.”

Since moving to Millbrook, Ousseni has continued to impress and in his sophomore year, he finished the season with 30 goals and 11 assists in just 15 matches.