"Setbacks determine how hard you need to work next time. Every time I face challenges I try even harder."

Few Right to Dream graduates exemplify determination and persistence in the face of adversity better than Michael Leon. Michael first tried out for the academy back in 2011 at an event in the Legon area of Ghana's capital city, Accra. After not making the grade, he tried again the following year and was invited to the academy for a trial period. Despite working hard and showing considerable effort, he was unable to win a scholarship at the academy. Whilst many others would have given up, Michael was determined to make it and he returned once again to a trial event in Kwashieman in 2013.

This time, Michael won a full scholarship to the academy and began his Right to Dream career in earnest. Since then, he has shone on the football field and in the classroom to be one of the academy's best students.

His dream to get an education in the USA was finally realised in Summer 2017 when he won a scholarship to the Hotchkiss school in Connecticut.