Our educational model is built on a constructionist, student-centred approach to learning. By building bespoke LEGO® Innovation Studios in Ghana and Denmark, we have created an interactive and engaging learning environment rarely seen in the average school, let alone football academy. With educational sets and digital resources, LEGO® helps us develop the skills needed for the 21st Century.

Students using lego in the class for play based learning

By giving our teachers hands-on learning tools, we empower them to establish creative methods to engage children with varying strengths and learning styles.

The LEGO® resources currently being used in our educational environment include Simple & Powered Machines (with renewable energy add-on sets), LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 (with science and space activity packs), StoryStarter, BuildToExpress, and MoreToMath. These resources not only enrich the Cambridge core curriculum by adding context and motor skills, but also act as an innovative assessment tool to help students demonstrate their understanding of new concepts.

Right to Dream is the only football academy in the world with a LEGO® Innovation Studio, whilst partners FC Nordsjælland are the only professional club with their own studio.