Creative Producer, Ghana

The creative producer/editor is a problem solver who thinks both creatively and tactically. They are constantly pushing to elevate the creativity behind all our content while also logistically managing the execution of each production. They are a leader who can easily communicate with Right to Dream staff and production to ensure that the content being created is aligned with every creative brief/objective. They also possess great communication skills and can easily articulate the needs of the media team at events and throughout the academy to the larger Right to Dream team. Most importantly they must be a great connector and relationship builder between our media team and the students, parents, coaches, teachers, and staff at the Right to Dream academy.

The creative producer not only elevates the creativity of our content but also brings new ideas to the media team and leads discussions on how to tell stories throughout the organization best. They have a passion for storytelling and are looking to innovate, inspire and lead teams to produce the best work possible in West Africa and at the group level.

Our Creative Producer

  • Is a passionate storyteller, who is always looking to create innovative and inspiring content.

  • Is a creative thinker/problem solver.

  • Is looking for new ways to tell stories about our organization

  • Has a calm and reassuring demeanor. Most of the producer’s role will depend on getting great interviews from parents, students, and Right to Dream faculty, so building trust is very important.

  • Is willing and able to go above and beyond their role.

  • Is the face of the media team at the Ghana Academy

  • Will help create the foundation of the media team in Ghana and at the group level. Including establishing processes, and procedures, balancing budgets, and most importantly establishing a positive, creative culture for the entire team.

  • Will mentor and help plan the growth of the media team in Ghana and at the group level.

  • Understands how to speak to audiences across different social media channels.

  • Is familiar with the current best practices across all social media channels, while keeping abreast of any changes/updates to those standards.

  • Is up to date on any new emerging platforms/technology.

  • Can properly plan, coordinate and manage productions from planning to direction and delivery to the post team.

  • Is able to create clear concise briefs that both inform the production of the creative idea as well as assist post in creating the final videos from the content captured.

To apply, please send your current CV and portfolio to


21st July 2022.