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Today, the organisation has evolved into a not-for-dividend global platform with over 500 leaders currently developing through our holistic and purpose-driven pathways. 

 We operate in three different continents and have unlocked close to $50M of elite sports development and education scholarships. Our graduates have launched their own foundations, invested in communities and causes, and played in top leagues from Serie A to the MLS and the Bundesliga. 

And we’re only getting started. We believe everyone has the right to dream. And so our model will expand over the next five years first into Egypt, and later in the UK and beyond. Redefining the way people see excellence, all the time, all along the way.

Our point of departure is in how we identify and develop talent.


If everything else fell away, this is what would remain. Whatever we achieve,this is the heart of it.

If everything else fell away, this is what would remain. Whatever we achieve, this is the heart of it.

We work every day to offer our players and student-athletes the best possible development experiences, and to give them the best chance of reaching their maximum potential via our academy model that focuses on education, football, and most importantly developing their character to the fullest. 

Holistic Talent Identification & Development Model

We believe talent and excellence can be found anywhere, and it's the equality of opportunity, not talent, that is the main obstacle to discovery. So, we designed a model that fits this simple yet powerful idea; a model which focuses on three elements in finding and nurturing potential:




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