A unique challenge in an elite sporting environment 

At Right to Dream, we don't run a typical gap year programme. With many organisations offering short-term voluntourism packages that rarely leave a lasting impact, we have developed an immersive experience that will enhance your skill set and contribute to one of the leading youth development projects in the world.  

Many of our partner schools in the US and UK have experienced first hand the character and determination of Right to Dream students, as well as their remarkable social intelligence. Teamwork, discipline, and fun competition is what thrives at our academies in Ghana and Denmark, helping our students succeed in a challenging world.

You can be a part of this development experience and join our Gap Year Programme. This is the leading gap year experience on the market and will allow participants to be fully integrated and resident at one of our world leading academies in Ghana or Denmark. Participants can apply for roles within teaching, coaching or community work in Ghana, or coaching and community in Denmark, for durations up to four months. Each experience will provide participants with structured professional practice that will not only be fun but be valuable for career development and university application.

This experience will not only allow you to see new and fascinating parts of the world from a safe and trusted base, but also become a part of one of the most incredible youth development programmes on the planet.

Most gap year experiences for 2018 onwards will be offered through our partner schools network or interested individuals may contact [email protected]

The top gap year experiences range in price from $8000-$15,000 and all proceeds go to supporting the Right to Dream Foundation.


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