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A Right to Dream student who is academically performing well, and is meeting the character development milestones, if deemed more suited to them vs progression on a footballing pathway, will be offered the opportunity to apply for a full scholarship when they are 14 years old and follow a student-athlete pathway with one of our partnering schools in the US or the UK, with scholarships at the likes of Hartpury College and Brooke House. 

Right To Dream USA was set up to ensure the welfare of Right to Dream graduates studying in the United States. It also leads the growth and management of the partnering schools, colleges and universities network that provide educational pathways for Right To Dream students. It comprises a community of committed host families, volunteers, trustees, and alumni who enable the success and safety of all RTD graduates in the US.

Right to Dream's transformative power is no more clearly felt than in the United States. In 2004, Right to Dream sent its first students to the US on scholarships to Dunn School in California. What started out as a trial proved to be extremely beneficial for both the school and the students.


The model has now grown so that Right to Dream consistently wins free student-athlete scholarships every year, allowing our top academic girls and boys to attend some of the best schools in the US and the UK.

We are lucky to have some of the world’s best high schools, colleges and universities as our partners.

Together, we are providing opportunities and scholarships for talented youth to grow to become the next generation of leaders.



If everything else fell away, this is what would remain. Whatever we achieve,this is the heart of it.

If everything else fell away, this is what would remain. Whatever we achieve, this is the heart of it.

Bates College
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