Don’t ever get comfortable. Don’t be content with where you are now, and never, ever give up.

Albert 'CK' Kumah is a 1st generation Right to Dream graduate from the Teshi area of Accra. One of the first to move to the United States on a student athlete scholarship, CK embodies the values and determination that sets so many RtD graduates apart. 

CK was the academy's first ever Player of the Year, taking the title in the year 2000 and graduated in 2006 after winning a scholarship to The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, USA. As the first graduate to attend Hotchkiss, he recalls a huge culture shock when he went stateside: 

Hotchkiss was a beautiful school. The student centred lessons were completely different from Ghana. I learnt how to think independently and look at things differently, but it was a tough adjustment. My grades weren't great at first but by the time I left, I was named most improved student.

His incredible impact on and off the pitch paved the way for a number of other academy graduates to follow him to the school.

CK subsequently won a student-athlete scholarship to Bucknell University to study Business. He graduated in 2013 with a 3.4 GPA and helped the Varsity Soccer Team win two Patriot League Championships. 

During his time at University, CK was always focused on his next step, interning at multinational clothing company PVH Corp. After finishing at Bucknell, he was offered another internship shortly before starting a full-time role as a Business Process Analyst. After a year at the head office, he went to Ethiopia to oversee an business expansion project. He is now a Global Supply Chain Manager stationed at PVH headquarters in Manhattan, New York.