Robots are not things that the world associates with football. Instead of 11 students making up a football side, these 11 footballers make up The Right to Dream Robotics Club. Split into three categories - Primary, Junior and Senior, the club has been focused on the goal of taking part in the Southern Ghana Robotics Championships since the beginning of term. 

Hours and hours of time spent in a classroom instead of on the pitch, condensed into just three rounds, during a single day. Imagine if a football academy were placed in a technology competition, against the best schools in Southern Ghana?

Watch to see our students battle against the best brains in the country.... 

Episode 1

The students prepare for the competition, perfecting their coding skills and working late into the night to get ready for the big day.

Episode 2

It's competition day! How will Right to Dream fare against some of the best schools in Southern Ghana?