Adam Bate speaks to FC Nordsjaelland chairman and Right to Dream founder Tom Vernon to find out how one man's commitment to developing role-models for African players is bearing fruit.

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"Academies will naturally produce good players from time to time," Tom Vernon tells Sky Sports. "But if you don't look at them and feel proud of what they stand for, if it's just a nasty kid who scored a hat-trick in the Champions League, then I don't think that feels good.

"We had a guy play at the World Cup in Brazil and if he wasn't the guy that he is I would have had very little interest in the fact that we produced a World Cup player. But it's when you know what he stands for and who he wants to be that we get our satisfaction."

Nice sentiments but when Vernon says it you know he means it. Manchester United's former head scout in Africa backs it up with action. In 1999, he founded the Right to Dream academy in Ghana, providing talented boys and girls with the chance to fulfil their potential.

FC Nordsjælland

The academy has launched the careers of Ghana internationals in Europe and the Americas but it is about much more than that. "It's about making the person and not the footballer," he says. Now the chairman of Danish club FC Nordsjaelland, Vernon's vision is expanding.

Both organisations are trying to do things a little differently. In Denmark, amid talk of finding "a new way of winning", Vernon is faced with the pressure of getting results at the Right to Dream Park. The ambition is a team of youth-team graduates - half from Africa.

Over in Ghana, at the academy Vernon created from scratch - "that's my home" - there is a more immediate kind of pressure to deal with. "If we asked some of the kids to bring a bar of soap ahead of the new term, some of them would struggle to do that," he admits.

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