GHANA, -  Right to Dream has learnt that four of its former students, from over 250 that have passed through the Academy since 1999, have given statements to a foreign newspaper about mistreatment while at the academy.

We wish to state that these varied allegations are false while some have been calculatingly taken out of context with the sole purpose of giving this trailblazing academy a negative image for selfish gains. 

We have seen several years of deliberate manipulation of susceptible Right to Dream graduates by some football agents and one person in the media, deliberately trying to turn players against their friends and fellow classmates  with the sole purpose of luring them away from the academy.

Right to Dream has persistently fought the activities of these unscrupulous agents who turn the head of the players with promises of big contracts or scholarships if they turn against that academy with negative claims.

We have already reported the activities of these agents and their cohorts to the authorities in Ghana including the Police, the Department of Social Welfare and the Ghana Football Association. 

These students, along with the others that have been through the Academy  have received seven years of free international standard education at Right to Dream, and multiple trips to Europe to play and train at the biggest clubs and tournaments in the world. 

The academy is audited and visited by Social Welfare every year, who have  interview numerous students including some of the 4 making these claims and have never reported any issues. Parents of academy students  we have spoken to have only ever praised the academy for the support and lifelong opportunities Right to Dream gave to their sons and daughters.

Right to Dream has tried, in the short time, to explain to this media agency why the players are making such claims, in several cases documented how they are false, and how the individuals have been manipulated over many years by corrupt agents and affiliated media. 

What we find most unfortunate and against the basic ethos of journalism, that the media agency opted to go with the account of just the four players without seeking the version of other players who have graduated from the academy or the authorities and experts, who will all confirm the accusations are false or taken completely out of context.

Right to Dream is known throughout Ghana and the world for its impactful model of youth development, giving young footballers a holistic growth in world class education, character and elite football. 

We wish to assure the public that we have lived up to the highest standards required by the authorities in Ghana and we will resist any attempts and efforts to intentionally degrade the efforts that we have put in that have positively and massively transformed the lives of hundreds of young talented Ghanaians.